December 13th, 2012

Welcome to the Blog Team!

Let’s start off on a positive note…  I never received an e-mail from you guys…  so…  Burpees!  I know, how awesome?!

And how many of you guys did 10 minutes in the full squat position?

Please DO NOT neglect this folks… this will make you a more efficient animal, whether you are putting shots, doing burpees, or running away from unruly fans.

 Today’s Workout:

Warm up and Group Stretch- Led by Coach.

25 Burpees for not sending me your email address

Shot Put Drills

Review of Placement of Shot Put

Wrist Flips x 10

Wrist flips – Use this drill for proper release of the shot.
  • The thrower will stand facing the sector
  • The thrower starts with the shot above his head in his throwing hand
  • The thrower will flip the shot out of his hand

Arm Strikes x 20

  • The thrower will be standing tall facing the throwing direction

  • The thrower will place the shot against his neck

  • The thrower will sky the eyes to the ceiling and push the shot away from his neck focusing on driving through the shot towards the throwing area

  • The thrower needs to flip the wrist at the end

Then we’ll work on the power position, getting very comfortable in this position.

Finally we’ll work on some A Drills x 25


10x short sprints


Tabata Squats.


Check out some Throwing on YouTube:

Get yourself in a full squat for 10 minutes.

And Finally your nightly reading

Forming Habits, How I Do It, and Why I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

What are your goals?  Throwing and in life… post on the comments about your thoughts on the article and what you’d like to accomplish in the next year.


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